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Congratulations! Butterfly Group from Machining Department has won second runner up at the 2014 convention

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Congratulations! Puan Noriza! Winner of 2014 HNC World Convention "Logo & Slogan"

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Hicom-Honda at UITM MERBOK

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Enthusiastic participants were briefed by Coach Razim

Hicom-honda main entrance

HICOM-Honda Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (HHMM) is the proud manufacturer of Honda motorcycles engines and components for the popular cub models in Malaysia spanning decades since October 1985.

A joint-venture company between HICOM Holdings Berhad, HONDA and BOON SIEW, our corporate objectives include providing a foundation and platform for the engine components manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

Having acquired the technology and know-how of manufacturing petrol engines and maximizing the use of local components, we are now poised for further expansion, growth and committed to expanding our products and services to other regional markets.

Our technology, production / assembly plants, machinery and human capital are able to meet orders for various types of motorcycle & scooter engines, components and parts to cater to the diversified needs of our customers today.

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The company’s commercial operations commenced end of 1985 and the first motorcycle engines, the Honda Cub C70 and C90 (FAME) were introduced to the Malaysian market in October 1985. To date the following motorcycle engines have rolled out of the HHMM plant:

  • Motorcycle Engines C100 (GN5: KICK), in March 1987
  • Motorcycle Engines TH110 (HURRICANE), in December 1990
  • Motorcycle Engines TX105 (HURRICANE), in September 1994
  • Motorcycle Engines C100M (EX5 Electric Starter), in September 1995
  • Motorcycle Engines C70 (Export to Philippines), in December 1996
  • Motorcycle Engines NF100 (EX5 Class), in December 1997
  • Motorcycle Engines NF100M (EX5 Class 1), in July 1997
  • Motorcycle Engines C100H (GN5 (K) MMC) and C100M (GBG (S) MMC), in 1999
  • Motorcycle Engines NF110 (KICK) and NF110M (SELF), in 1999
  • Motorcycle Engines C100H (KFV (K) MMC), C100M (KFVM (S) MMC), NF110 (KFLA (K) MMC) and NF110M (KFLA (S) MMC), in 2001
  • Motorcycle Engines C1003 (EX5 DREAM), in March 2003
  • Motorcycle Engines NF1004 (K) and NF100M4 (S), in 2003
  • Motorcycle Engines C1004 (KFVV (K) MMC) and C100M4 (KFVV (S) MMC), in 2004
  • Motorcycle Engines NF125 (WAVE 125), in July 2004
  • NF100 (WAVE 100), in November 2005
  • Wave125 parts, July 2006 ICON Engine Parts, June 2008 Wave 110 Engines, February 2010
  • Assembly of clutch KVFJ, in 2011
  • Spacy 110 Engine SOP, in 2012
  • New EX5 110 Engine SOP, in 2013
  • SOP Parts for Automative Tier 1, in 2014
  • Launch of 1st Honda 2W fuel injection F1 Engine in Malaysia KZVZ, in 2015